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Company information, credit checks, and commercial register extracts from Russia

Schmidt & Schmidt provides extract from the Russian commercial register on legal entities, partnerships and sole traders. We also offer the annual accounts and balance sheets of various legal entities in Russia. We will send you an extract to your business partners from the Russian commercial register by e-mail or postal mail as well as the original Englisch translation, so you can check the creditworthiness and payment behavior of business partners. Alternatively, the commercial register extract can be sent by post in the form by the apostil certified documents.

Russia has become one of the most important trading partners for Europeanian companies. Regrettably, the companies operating abroad are particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of debtors’ delays or defaults. According to a survey of credit insurer Atradius emerging markets such as Russia have the worst payment behavior. For those who want to minimize the risks of doing business in Russia, an extract from the commercial register is the first source of reliable and comprehensive information about the trading partners in Russia. The commercial register extract help to avoid serve diverse risks with Russian business partners, such as Non-payment during the liquidation of export transactions.

In recent years, it has been made considerable effort by the Russian government to make international business in Russia as transparent as possible. One of these steps was the introduction of a federal trade register. Currently, the system of extracts from the commercial register and the disclosure of financial reports in Russia are even more extensive than in Europe.

The extract from the Russian commercial register and the financial reports offer you a unique opportunity to find out the relevant information on the solvency and the financial situation of your business partners in Russia. This allows you to reduce significantly the risks associated with the insolvency of your customers and partners in Russia in conducting business and to identify potential deceivers

In addition, we offer extract from the Russian commercial register of business owners and managers from companies in Russia and of those who is excluded because of various violations of the law of corporate governance (disqualified).

If necessary, we bring extract from the Real Estate Register, which contain information about the owners, properties, or loads of real estate - for example, during real estate transactions.

With our help you can order the following information:

  • Extract from the commercial register of legal entities in Russia
  • Extract from the commercial register of partnerships and sole traders in Russia
  • Extract from the commercial register of the business owners and managers of companies in Russia
  • Extract from the commercial register on disqualified persons
  • Extract from the Real Estate Register
  • Annual financial statements and balance sheet of legal entities
  • Verification of the Russian tax identification numbers TIN
  • ID verification
  • Contact information of Russian companies by sector and / or region
  • Customs statistics from Russia and the Customs Union between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan

You can order extract without registering. Simply send us a completed application form with the known data from the companies in Russia, about which you need information. Our employees browse missing information, get a certificate of registration, translate it for you into Englisch, and provide them with the original, the Englisch translation and the bill for our services via e-mail. You take no risk because you get the requested documents at a fixed price.

Your benefits:

  • Without registering
  • Fast and reliable processing
  • Translation into English
  • Fast delivery of documents
  • Part payment
  • Fixed price

All information is provided in strict accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany

For our services you may pay via bank transfer or via PayPal.

Russian company register extract

The Russian commercial register contains all the basic information on all legal persons, partnerships and sole traders that are registered in the Russian Federation. Moreover, it represents a legitimate and reliable source of information about your business partner.

With us you can order the official and certified commercial register extract from Russia.

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