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Extracts from the commercial register on Owner-Managers and Directors

Schmidt & Schmidt offers extracts from the russian commercial register on owner-managers and directors of russian companies in Russia as well as incapacitated individuals with competent translation as pdf-file.

All individuals in executive positions in russian companies authorised to close and sign contracts are automatically registered in the russian commercial register.

An extract from this register is an official certificate by the russian tax authorities, including all publicly available information on any executives and their respective companies.

Additionally, to combat organised financial crime and corruption, Russia has introduced a special register of incapacitated individuals guilty of multiple statutory violations, who have been debarred from future executive positions and the public service sector. The debarment results based on a court decision. This delicate register is managed by the tax authorities of the Russian Federation.

These extracts can be used in order to:

  • check the authority of russian companies
  • negotiate foreign trade agreements
  • avoid fraud
  • check potential management personnel

To apply for an extract from the commercial register on the director of a company, we will require his/her full name, surname and patronymic.

The data is provided as a PDF-file with both the original and, if requested, a translation to your language of choice. Alternatively, the extracts can be sent to you by mail in the form of apostilled documents.

An extract from the commercial register on owner-managers and directors contains the following information:

  • Full company name
  • Tax-number
  • Amount of equity capital
  • Name of managing director
  • Available data on shares

To apply for an extract from the register of incapacitated individuals, we will require his/her full name, surname and patronymic as well as the date and place of birth.

An extract from the register of incapacitated individuals contains the following information:

  • Name of the organisation, the statutory violation was committed in
  • Date of the violation
  • Elements of the violation
  • Duration of the debarment
  • Name of the acting court
  • Date of cancellation of the entry

All data is provided in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

Requests are processed within one working day. The postage for the apostilled documents is calculated seperately.

Service Price incl. German VAT 19% Price excl. VAT
Price for an electronic extract from the commercial register of Russia on owner-managers and directors ab 23,80 ab 20,00
Price for the translation of an extract from the commercial register of Russia ab 59,50 ab 50,00
Price for an extract from the commercial register of Russia with apostille without international shipping ab 226,10 ab 190,00

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In our video we explain the definition and function of a commercial register and how you can verify the reliability and solvency of your foreign business partner.

Should you wish to check the sincerity of your foreign business partner’s request, Schmidt&Schmidt will gladly assist you.

We offer extracts from the commercial registers of more than 100 different registers in countries spread all around the globe. Additionally, we offer annual statements for a variety of companies. The original extract from any commercial register can be sent to you by mail or as a pdf-file via e-mail. Besides that, commercial register extracts can be authenticated with an apostille.

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