Owing to reserves of natural resources Russia is one unique land. Huge reserves of oil, gas, coal, iron, non-ferrous metals, and rare earth metals make Russian market of natural resources very attractive for many European manufacturers.

Schmidt & Schmidt maintains import from Russia and CIS states into European Union. We take care of import deals for our clients.

We advise you on import of production from Russia and assist you during processing of import transactions. On your demand we can organize DDP-delivery from Russia and any other CIS states. In case of DDP-delivery our company takes over a complete process of import transactions and all risks connected with it. Thereby you will be exempt from customs clearance and VAT processes.

We prepare all needed documentation for customs clearance and VAT process, provide permits and certificates and conduct all negotiations with logistic companies, so you can receive your production quickly and advantageous.

Our experienced and multilingual team maintains the complete provision of Russian products for you – from the planning and analyzing to control of the process, so you purchase the production you wish for fair price. We advise you on all aspects of foreign commerce, calculate customs duties’ costs of import from Russia, apply for certificates, licenses and permits for customs clearance and shipment of your production to European Union.

Our offer:

  • consultation on all questions about foreign trade
  • preparation of a foreign commerce contraction
  • a wide range of optimal logistics solutions
  • certification and provision of needed permits
  • technical and legal translation
  • calculation of customs duties’ costs and import sales tax for import of production from Russia
  • complete customs clearance according to customs regulations in Russia
  • foreign exchange control
  • customs declaration
  • ATA Carnet and TIR Carnet processes
  • tax-clearance and VAT-refund
  • DDP-delivery

Your benefits:

  • quick and correct handling of formality in consideration of law of foreign trade
  • control of VAT-refund
  • economy of personnel costs. You don’t need to hire Russian-speaking staff with experience in Russian foreign trade
  • extra benefits for your clients in Russia, because they don’t need to handle with customs clearance and VAT process

Costs of our Service

Generally we perform fee-based services, while the percentage rate depends on different factors as such:

  • the price of production
  • frequency of deliveries
  • dimensions and weight of production and complexity of its carriag
  • terms and conditions of customs clearance and non-tariff regulation

We always find an individual concept for every client and offer a variety of payment methods, so we can fulfill our clients’ needs quickly and professionally.

Call us or send us an email and arrange a no-obligation consultation! We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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