New procedure for the creation and maintenance of a single register of conformity certificates

New procedure for the creation and maintenance of a single register of conformity certificates

On November 20, 2020, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation no. 1856 of November 18, 2020, in which the procedure for the creation and maintenance of a unified register of conformity certificates is specified, was officially published.

The document comes into force on January 1, 2021.

The regulation concerns the following registers:

All information for entry in the registers is transmitted in electronic form (scanned copies) and signed/certified by an extended qualified electronic signature of an authorized person of the certification authority.

The information received is published in the registers within one working day.

Mandatory information and documents to be transmitted:

  • registration number of the certificate (generated automatically) and its period of validity
  • appendix to the certificate, if applicable
  • name of the head of the certification body (authorized person) and the expert who signed the certificate
  • information on the performance of the inspection control (if provided for by the scheme applied)
  • evidence confirming the compliance of the products with the established safety requirements
  • customs declaration or information explaining why the customs declaration has not been processed
  • information about the applicant
  • name and address of the manufacturer, including the global site number GLN (for products manufactured outside the EAEU member states)
  • name and address of the certification body
  • information about the product with which it can be identified, including the Global Article Number - GTIN, if requested by the applicant
  • customs tariff number
  • references to the standards to which the product has been certified
  • scanned copies of test reports, results of the production audit if applicable, certificate for the quality management system
  • details of the certification scheme
  • additional information (standards, storage conditions, confirmation from a testing
  • laboratory or certification body that the required number of samples has been received)

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