Our company offers the service of providing preliminary statements from foreign commercial registers. This service allows you to check the availability of the company in the register, before you order a full extract, free of charge.

  • No subscription or registration
  • Fixed price
  • Express delivery
  • Proper invoice

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We will let you know what data is available, as well as the price and the order execution time.

Preliminary extract contains the following information:

  • Availability of an entry in a register of a certain EU state
  • Price of the extract
  • Time required to process the extract
  • Terms and price of apostilling procedure
  • Terms of delivery
  • Availability of additional information, eg. financial statements, balance sheets, company’s charter, list of shareholders, founders, etc.
  • Extract sample (if available)

Since free preliminary extracts have got no legal force, their only purpose is to check availability of a company in commercial registers. These extracts can neither be used in court, nor to resolve business disputes.

All information provided is held in strict compliance with the legal requirements.

All personal Data of the user are stored exclusively for the purpose of request processing as well as in case that further inquiry is needed. By signing this consent form, I confirm that pursuant to the provision of GDPR, Schmidt & Schmidt may process my personal data for the purposes of fullfilment my order. The consent is revocable at any time under kontakt@schmidt-export.com, which leads to a deletion of the collected user data. The data will only be stored as long as they are needed for the purpose mentioned.

We are obliged to advise you, that your data may be forwarded outside the country of your habitual residence. This happens solely to fulfil the duties of the contractual relationship. We cannot guarantee for the same legal prerequisites regarding data protection to apply in the third-party country, but we will always treat your personal data with the necessary care and respect.

For more information see our Privacy Policy.

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