The GOST R 58789-2019 standard in Russia

The GOST R 58789-2019 standard in Russia

The national standard GOST R 58789-2019 “The system for protection against counterfeiting and counterfeiting” will apply from January 1, 2020. The procedure for carrying out an inspection to check the authenticity of products.

The standard was approved by Rosstandart on December 19, 2019.

The new standard contains all the necessary terms, rules for the organization of inspections, requirements for the bodies that carry out the inspection, as well as a number of standards for the training of personnel. The special role of the standard aims to ensure quality checks in the area of ​​dangerous production systems.

GOST R 58789-2019 has taken the best Russian and foreign experiences that make it possible to carry out a product control system through an independent inspection in all main phases of the life cycle. This is an important component in the fight against inferior products, including counterfeits.

It is worth stressing that before the approval of the Russian standard in 2017 in Russia, the provisional national standard PNST 243-2017 with the same name was used as a test. The practice of its application has shown a positive result in various areas of industry, including dangerous industries.

It was also planned that the national standard would be indispensable in many leading production areas, for example in the mechanical engineering, metallurgy, automation, oil, gas, chemical and processing industries, the construction industry, the manufacture of instruments, etc.

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