EAC certification services for Russia and the EAEU

We provide assistance in EAC certification and obtaining other approvals such as Pattern Approval Certificate, GOST R Certificate, conformity assessment of fire safety, certificate of state registration and others. We also assist in the preparation of the necessary technical documentation, which is a prerequisite for successful certification.

Preparation of the technical documentation for the EAC certification

Technical documentation for EAC certification

For a successful implementation of the EAC certification or EAC declaration certain documents must be submitted. They are the prerequisite for carrying out the conformity assessment. Some Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, such as TR CU 10/2011 On Safety of Machinery and Equipment or TR CU 032/2013 On Safety of Pressure Equipment, require certain technical documentation confirming the conformity of the product with the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

EAC and Gost certification for Russia

Certification for Russia and EAEU

The certification and authorization for the Russian market are extensive procedures which require both an expertise in the Russian law and the experience of interacting with state authorities.

We offer a complete solution in obtaining the EAC and GOST certification for your business in Russia and the EAEU. We procure all necessary certificates for your products for the best price!

Consultancy on EAC declaration and certification

Consultancy on EAC certification and declaration

Our consultants have been collaborating for years with export oriented companies of various sizes and support them in conformity assessment procedures of their products. Therefore they dispose of broad competencies in this area and experiences in the following industry sectors: plant construction, mechanical engineering, metal construction, measurement engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology, medical engineering, food technology and furniture.

We provide you with the necessary skills in the form of advisory services, seminars, workshops and much more.

Services in the area of obtaining documents and other records and their legalisation

Schmidt & Schmidt OHG is an expert in obtaining extracts from the commercial register, land register extracts, civil status documents and their legalisation by apostille, consular legalisation or notarial certification. We also offer translations of any documents from and into all languages.

Extracts from foreign commercial registers and accounting statements

Information about business partners, accounting statements and extracts from foreign commercial registers worldwide

Extracts from the company register and financial reports offer an insight into the solvency and general financial reliability of a business partner. Various risks suc as the non-payment when completing export transactions with the overseas business partners can thus be avoided.

Legalization of foreign documents and Apostille

Legalization of foreign documents and Apostille

Schmidt & Schmidt provides apostilles from more than 118 countries who acceded to the Hague Convention of 1961, which specifies that a document endorsed in a signatory country does not require consular legalization in another. These countries recognize the legal validity of foreign certificates when certified with an apostille. For documents from all other countries a consular legalization is required.

Extracts from foreign land registers

Extracts from foreign land registers

Land registries are available nearly everywhere in the world. They contain very diverse and extensive information about the address of a property, the general technical information, legal information and the owners.

Our Company

Schmidt & Schmidt is an internationally operating consulting company based in Passau. Our broad spectrum of corporate services aims to cross borders and overcome boundaries together with our clients. We assist our customers, especially medium-sized enterprises, with entering foreign markets and developing their brand.

Our company is a reliable and reputable partner. We strive to provide individual approaches, unrestricted transparency, great reliability and nothing but the highest standards for all our services. Thanks to our knowledgable management and the consistent expansion of competences we have assembled a team of highly qualified, multilingual employees and established excellent connections and cooperations with companies and authorities all around the world.

Career opportunities by Schmidt & Schmidt

At Schmidt & Schmidt, you will enjoy continuous support while also facing professional challenges. In order to meet the requirements of our international customers we rely on our team of highly competent consultants.

As colleagues and mentors, we are dedicated to your growth. It is our goal to help you develop and practice your strengths. Together we will find out which upskilling is essential in your particular case, with the observation of your personality, knowledge, abilities and assignments.


New standards for the Technical Regulation TR CU 016/2011

New standards for the Technical Regulation TR CU 016/2011


New standards for the technical regulation TR CU 016/2011 On the safety of gas operated devices are being developed and updated. The standards determine the requirements of TR CU 016/2011.

The list of building materials that are subject to EAC certification is to be expanded

The list of building materials that are subject to EAC certification is to be expanded


Since the counterfeiting of building materials has spread widely in the EAEU market, the list of products requiring EAC certification is being expanded for later export to the EAEU countries.

The demand for furniture and home furnishings in Russia increased almost 1.5 times in 2020

The demand for furniture and home furnishings in Russia increased almost 1.5 times in 2020


During the corona pandemic, many Russians realized how important it is for home improvement to create coziness and comfortable conditions not only for recreation, but also for working from home. The demand for furniture and furnishings in Russia increased therefore by 48%.