Due to our knowledge management and continuous professional development, we have built an excellent team of highly qualified multilingual professionals. Our experience in corporate services allows us to overcome boundaries together with our clients. We assist our customers, especially medium-sized enterprises, with entering foreign markets and developing their brand.

Alexej Schmidt's picture

Alexej Schmidt

Managing partner


+49 851 226 083 1

Alexej Schmidt has extensive experience in the field of industrial and civil engineering, accounting, financial planning and tax optimization. Mr. Schmidt was at the head of „BFK JSC“ for several years. He was awarded the title “Breakthrough of the Year 2004” for his achievements.

Core competencies: Finance Accounting and Taxation
Languages: German, Russian, English

  • University of Passau, Business Administration and Economics
  • Altai State University, Business Administration

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Andrej Schmidt

Managing partner and head of marketing and distribution department


+49 851 226 083 2

Andrej Schmidt has a wealth of experience in the field of international communication, as well as in the field of trade market. For many years he has worked in such spheres as tourism, construction and power engineering. Mr. Schmidt has in-depth knowledge in ad and sales.

Core competencies: Human resources, marketing and distribution
Languages: German, Russian, English

  • University of Passau, Business Administration and Economics
  • Altai State University, Business Administration

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Dr. Olga Kylina, LL.M.

Senior consultant, head of legal services department


+49 851 226 083 7

Dr. Kylina possesses extensive knowledge in the field of private international law and commercial law. She gained decent practical experience in the legal department of the Krasnoyarsk dealing with judicial matters and courtproceedings.

Founder and Managing Director of temperi legal services

Core competencies: Legal services in russian law and in international commercial law
Languages: German, Russian, English

  • Doctoral degree at the University of Passau
  • University of Passau, LL.M. (summa cum laude)
  • Krasnoyarsk State University, Jurisprudence, graduated with honors

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Marina Weger

Senior consultant


+49 851 226 083 3

worked for two years at Bayern Handwerk International GmbH in the department of export and foreign trade consulting. She wrote some guidelines about product certification and export of goods and services to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the Ukraine with the focus on VISA-questions, international employee assignment, taxation and other legal issues. She possesses also knowledge in the field of import and export declarations, supplier’s declarations and preferential customs duty. Marina is responsible for interpretation and translation.

Core competencies: Russian, German, English, French, Czech
Languages: German, Russian, English

  • Business economist, University Hagen
  • University Regensburg, Master of Arts
  • Belarussian State University, Diploma

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Maria Butina



+49 851 226 083 7

Maria graduated in Economics from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA). Over the course if her career and business trips to China, she gained skills and experience through mechanical engineering, she was a competent specialist in the technical fields. During her Study of Economics in Jena, Maria successfully completed her internship in an international company (Continental AG). She has a deep knowledge of mechanical engineering, innovation and change, digitalization and Supply Chain Management.

Languages: German, Russian, English

  • University of Jena, Master of Science in Economics
  • RANEPA, Specialist in Economics
  • Kurgan State University, Specialist in German and English languages

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Valeria Nikolaeva



+49 851 226 083 5

Master of Arts in International Relations. Valeria graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with the Bachelor’s degree (BA) in International Relations and Diplomacy. Afterwards, she focused her academic research on the European Union Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she was awarded a Master’s degree (MA) in International Relations. Valeria has got a C2 Proficiency level in English, confirmed by an IELTS certificate.

Languages: English, Russian, Dutch

  • Education: Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University), School of International Relations, Bachelor of Arts
  • Leiden University (Netherlands), Faculty of Humanities, Master of Arts

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Anna Shurygina



+49 851 226 083 6

Anna successfully graduated from the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at NRU HSE. While studying she spent a year on an internship at Fudan Univercity (Shanghai, China), that allowed her to master the Chinese language.
Also she speaks English. She is currently receiving a master’s degree at NRU HSE. Anna constantly increases her knowledge in the field of international economic law.
Languages: English, Russian, Chinese.

  • NRU HSE, the Faculty of Law, master's programme "Law in International Trade, Finance and Economic Integration"
  • Fudan University 复旦大学, language and cultural courses
  • NRU HSE, the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, department of international relations.

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Igor Zaday

Leiter der Übersetzungsabteilung


+49 851 226 083 12

Igor received a double master degree in philology after graduating from University of Freiburg in Germany and Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow. He also studied in the university of Umeå in Sweden. Apart from Russian, his native language, Igor is proficient in German, English and Swedish. Since the beginning of his studies he has been working as translator, preparing German and English academic texts for publication in Russian. His language proficiency and work experience allows him to successfully solve tasks involving translation of different texts and documents.

Languages: Russian, English, German, Swedish

  • Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Philological Faculty
  • Russian State University for the Humanities, Historical-Philological Faculty

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Valentina Astashova



+49 851 226 083 6

Valentina graduated from Siberian Federal University and Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) with the Master’s degree in Private Law. She studied German Law at the University of Passau, participated in international conferences in Germany and published several scientific papers on comparative law. Experience gained during her internship at international law firms (Rödl & Partner) and research institutions (The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation) allows her to understand foreign legislation.

Languages: English, Russian, German

  • Law Institute, SFU, Law, Master of Law
  • University of Passau, German law

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Sergei Pravdin

Working student


+49 851 226 083 9

Sergei graduated as an engineer with a focus on real estate management at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU). After completing his studies, he gained experience in the evaluation and analysis of real estate and investments. In the course of his professional activity he gained fundamental knowledge not only in real estate sphere, but also deepen his knowledge in mechanical engineering. At present Sergei studies Computer Science at the University of Passau.

Core competencies: Certification and Product declaration
Languages: German, Russian, English

  • University of Passau, Computer Science
  • Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Property Management

Viktor Isaev's picture

Viktor Isaev

Working student


+49 851 226 083 01

Viktor is a student of the Law Faculty of Moscow State University. In the process of training, Viktor took part in the “School of German Law” at the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University, where he received extensive knowledge in the field of German law. In June 2019, Viktor received the Goethe Zertifikat C1, confirming his knowledge of the German language. Regularly, Viktor takes part in International scientific and practical conferences, participates in writing scientific articles and organizing round tables.

In 2019, ’became the semifinalist of the Kutafin Legal Cup competition. In 2019, Viktor published a scientific article in the journal Constitutional and Municipal Law.

Viktor’s research interests are in tax and trade law in Russia and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Languages: Russian, English, German

  • Lomonosov State University of Moscow (MSU), Faculty of law

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Ksenia Metlenko

Working student


+49 851 226 083 10

Ksenia graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with the Bachelor’s degree (LL.B.) in International Law. She participated in the annual program '' German Studies Russia '' organized by MGIMO - University in cooperation with the Free University of Berlin. As part of this program, Ksenia gained a wide knowledge of German political science, economics, media and international relations. Ksenia has successfully completed internships in consulting firms, law firms and state institutions in Moscow, such as Rödl & Partner, law firm "Linia Prava" and Duma (House of Representatives) of the Moscow region. Her professional interests are international law, energy law and corporate law. Ksenia is fluent in German and English. Ksenia is currently studying LL.M. German law at the University of Passau.

Languages: Russian, English, German

  • Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO - University), International Law, Bachelor of Law
  • University of Passau, LL.M. German law, Master of Law