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Schmidt & Schmidt is an internationally operating consulting company based in Passau, Germany. Our broad spectrum of corporate services aims to help our clients successfully overcome boundaries and navigate through the pitfalls of cross-cultural business. We assist our customers, especially medium-sized enterprises, with entering foreign markets and developing their brand.

Our company is a reliable and reputable partner. We strive to provide an individual approach, full transparency and the highest standards for all our services. We have formed a team of highly qualified, multilingual employees and established excellent connections and cooperation with companies and competent authorities all over the world. This allows us to implement complex projects that meet the needs of the most demanding customers and offer future-oriented solutions that will allow your business to remain competitive on the international market even at times of crisis.

Our work ethic encompasses the Christian, social and market-oriented ideals. Our core values are reliability and loyalty to our customers. We contribute to the international industrial development, create jobs and improve the competitiveness of our customers.

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Respect, mutual trust and helpfulness are our guiding principles in our work with clients, colleagues and business partners. We are aware of the responsibility towards our employees and their families and seek to contribute to their well-being. Our colleagues are essential to the success of our company.

We support the initiatives to liberalize the economy and promote free trade and openness. At the same time we remain true to the commercial traditions. We see it as our responsibility to create jobs with fair compensation and appropriate social benefits.

Furthermore integrity and discipline are of the utmost importance to us. We adhere to law and order, as well as to our business principles.

For us, the observance of these ethical principles is a pledge. We therefore expect our management, employees and business partners to accept and perpetuate these values.

Schmidt & Schmidt strives to find business partners who share the same values and ideals as we view the social commitment of a company as an active contribution to the integrity of our society.

Our story

The story of Schmidt & Schmidt started in 2009, when Russia Research Group was founded at the University of Passau. The group consisted of students of the faculties of Business Administration, European Studies and Legal Studies.

In October 2011, Schmidt & Schmidt was founded within the Russia Research Group. The company specializes in export consulting and the distribution of innovative products by European small and medium-sized businesses in Russia.

Sales growth over 6 years in percentage of the reference year 2015

In 2020, we have executed 2500 orders. Since 2015 almost 8000 legal entities and individuals from all over the world, including a number of global industrial and engineering companies, international banks and major auditing companies, have become our clients. Most of our clients resort to our help on multiple occasions.

In 2020, we were able to increase our revenue by 17%. While this is not the result that we had expected, we are very proud of this growth: it is the result of the hard work of the entire team.

The most important channel of interaction with our customers is still the Internet, and our last years' reliance on online communication was the key to the fact that even in the most challenging times we were able to keep doing our work efficiency.

Career opportunities by Schmidt & Schmidt

At Schmidt & Schmidt, you will enjoy continuous support while also facing professional challenges. In order to meet the requirements of our international customers we rely on our team of highly competent consultants.

As colleagues and mentors, we are dedicated to your growth. It is our goal to help you develop and practice your strengths. Together we will find out which upskilling is essential in your particular case, with the observation of your personality, knowledge, abilities and assignments.