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Schmidt & Schmidt is an internationally operating service company with headquarters in Passau. We are dealing actively with the distribution of innovative products of the German medium-sized industrial enterprises in Russia, support our customers in the export of goods to Russia and in the participation in the government and municipal contracts awarded in Russia. We see ourselves as mediators between the German and Russian companies as well as state and local authorities in Russia.

The mission of our company is to provide an opportunity for the medium-sized German industrial companies to enter the attractive, but often unknown, Russian market.

Our responsible business behavior is an expression of our Christian, social and market-based values that we have as a service company operating on the borders of Europe.

Our Business Principles serve in our daily work to help our customers to meet the demands of global competition and to prove in the Russian market successfully. That’s why our activities revolve around loyalty and reliability to our customers in order to provide services in the best quality for competitive prices. We contribute to the development of German industry, create new jobs and improve the competitiveness of the German economy on the international market.

Our dealings with customers, colleagues and business partners are characterized by respect, trust and helpfulness. We are aware of our responsibility to our employees and their family members and want to contribute to their well-being. Our colleagues and their skills are the pillars of success of our company.

We strive for social transparency, efficiency and economy. Through our efforts, we will increase competition in the Russian market, provide the high quality products to end users, improve investment efficiency and reduce corruption in Russia.

We support the initiatives to liberalize the economy and to promote international free trade. At the same time we remain the good German commercial traditions faithfully and consider it irresponsible to squander the money of our customers for dubious business and political or humanitarian adventure. Our responsibility towards society is to create efficient jobs with fair pay and benefits worthy.

Moreover, integrity and discipline for us is of utmost importance. We pay attention to the strict adherence of the law and our corporate principles.

Compliance with these ethical principles is a promise for us. Therefore we expect from our management, our employees and our business partners in Russia not only a high level of acceptance, but also a commitment to these values and principles.

We are looking for business partners who have the same values as we do since we understand the social commitment of the company as an active contribution to the cohesion of our society.