Schmidt & Schmidt is an internationally operating consulting company based in Passau, Germany. Our broad spectrum of corporate services aims to cross borders and overcome boundaries with our clients. We assist our customers, especially medium-sized enterprises, with entering foreign markets and developing their brand.

Our company is a reliable and reputable partner. We strive to provide individual approaches, unrestricted transparency, great reliability and nothing but the highest standards for all our services. Thanks to our knowledge management and the consistent expansion of competences we have assembled a team of highly qualified, multilingual employees and established excellent connections and cooperation with companies and authorities all over the world. This allows us to implement complex projects that meet the needs of the most demanding customers and offer future-oriented solutions that allow to remain competitive in the international market even in times of crisis.

Our business principles express our christian, social and market-oriented ideals. Our core values are loyalty and reliability towards our customers - to provide services of the highest quality at fair prices in line with the market. We contribute to the international industrial development, generate jobs and improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Our contact with customers, colleagues and business partners is characterized by respect, trust and helpfulness. We are aware of the responsibility towards our employees and their families and seek to contribute to their well-being. Our colleagues and their skills are the essential to the success of our company.

We support the initiatives to liberalise the economy and promote free trade and openness. At the same time we remain true to the commercial traditions and consider it irresponsible to waste our customers money on questionable ventures as well as political or humanitarian ventures. It is our responsibility towards society to create jobs with fair compensation and appropriate social benefits.

Furthermore integrity and discipline are of the utmost importance for us. We pay attention to the consistent adherence of law and order, as well as our business principles.

For us, the observance of these ethical principles is a pledge. We therefore expect our management, our employees and our business partners to not only accept these values and priniciples, but to feel a sense of obligation towards them.

Schmidt & Schmidt strives to find business partners who share the same values and ideals as we view the social commitment of a company as an active contribution to the cohesion in our society.