New regulation of personal protective equipment (PPE) in EEU

The draft amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of personal protective equipment” were officially published in April 2019 by the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

The first changes relate to the scope of the regulation. Thus, it was decided to establish that its action does not apply to PPE designed for military purposes and chemical agents for combating riots.

Secondly, the terms and definitions of the regulations will be supplemented by the new concept of “filtering self-rescuer used in fires” which includes the PPE of the respiratory organs, vision, and scalp from toxic products of combustion.

The new regulation demands that special clothing and fabrics protect against mechanical stress. Abrasion resistance will now be determined based on the type of fabric and its purpose. Similarly, revised requirements for shoes and protective equipment of the person (glasses, shields, etc.).

The requirements for PPE labeling have also been updated. So, if the product packaging is transparent and allows you to see the information about the product, labeling is not necessary.

Marking requirements are given in the form common for the Eurasian Economic Union: product information and operational documents must be executed in Russian and in the official language of the country where the products are delivered (if it is required).
The list of PPE subject to the declaration of conformity (Appendix No. 4) was supplemented with the following products:

  • protective clothing against water
  • safety shoes from general industrial pollution
  • shoes from wearing-off
  • shoes from water and solutions of non-toxic substances

For final approval, the draft amendments will be submitted to the ECE Council.
Recall that Technical Regulation of Customs Union (TR CU 019/2011) was adopted by the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union No. 878 of December 1, 2011, and began to operate from June 1, 2012, June 1, 2012.

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