The veterinary certificate for gastropods and their larvae

The veterinary certificate for gastropods and their larvae

From 14 February to 14 April 2020 there will be a public discussion of the draft amendments to the Commission Decision of the Customs Union No. 607 of 7 April 2011, in which the forms of veterinary certificates for different groups of controlled goods have been defined.

The question of the need to include a new form of veterinary certificate form for gastropods and their larvae exported to the EAEU customs area was submitted for consideration. Form 48 is concerned. This ensures a uniform approach to the import procedure for these types of production.

The certificate has the form that contains the description of the declaration (details of the sender and recipient, number of containers, labeling of the seal and other information on the transport and the certificate itself), identification of the goods, their origin and information on the state of health.

The document immediately shows the type of mollusk and its purpose (breeding, eating or otherwise). The transport of mollusks and their larvae is only permitted in containers that offer conditions that do not change their state of health. Live production must be packaged in new containers or those that have been cleaned and disinfected to destroy pathogens.

The certificate is provided with a seal by the state / official veterinarian.

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