Israeli Embassies Closed Worldwide


“Since October 30, the Israeli Embassy in Moscow has been closed,” the diplomatic mission wrote on its Facebook page.

"Due to the decision of the Ministry of Finance to violate agreements reached and signed by the Director-General of the Ministry on July 21, 2019, and to unilaterally enforce upon diplomats abroad a procedure that contradicts a decades-old procedure, we are forced to close the Embassy. No services will be provided to the public and no entry to the Embassy will be allowed.

Every day we work to promote the status and strength of the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Finance has left us no choice by harming the tools essential to us and essential for the State of Israel. We hope the matter will be settled as soon as possible."

The embassy does not receive visitors also in other countries (USA, India, Germany, France, Australia and others).

The time of resumption the work of the embassy in Moscow, as in other countries, are not yet announced.

Times of Israel reported that the Treasury has changed the funding of diplomatic missions, namely, reduced employee benefits. The funds covered a wide range of expenses.

The program plans to begin retroactively. It means that the coworkers will have to pay debts of "thousands of dollars."

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