New law on information communication in Russia

New law on information communication in Russia

In Russia a new law on information communication is to be passed soon

The Russian Association for Media Communication has begun to elaborate on a new law which is to regulate the IT and communications field.

The new law is going to replace the laws "On communication", "On information, information technology and information security" and "On personal data".

The law's authors argue that the current legal situation does not keep up with the rapid development of the media communication industry and concentrates on its technical regulation instead.

This view is accurate. There are too many contradictions within the current Russian legislation in the IT and media communications field. For instance, location data is subject to the secrecy of communication for Russian internet providers, while at the same time pizza services und and taxi companies are allowed to use this data.

A first draft of the new law, is to be presented in April 2018. It is developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

It is about time in Germany as well

The current German laws are no longer sufficient to sustain current developments in the online environment. De jure, the German laws on privacy are already quite strict, yet de facto, corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon barely abide to these laws.

Furthermore, the German inheritance law which is in part more than 100 years old is underdeveloped in terms of digital data. Regulations concerning the access of heirs to login data of testators are missing completely.

In this context, the Court of Appeal in Berlin has decided recently: a third party can not be obligated to give out data located on a server of theirs. This might be the right decision legally, as heirs are still missing a basis for claims like this.

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