What happened with the technical rules "On safety of milk and dairy products"?

A few days ago, the Council's report was published by the EAEU, which reports about the changes in TR CU 033/2013 "On safety of milk and dairy products ".

Actually, the document will enter into force on the second February. But it is worth emphasizing that the mentioned document works for relationships that appeared from December 31, 2019.

The document deals with the changes to Appendix 5 of the described regulations: namely, the deadline for determining the amount of mesophilic, aerobic and facultative-anaerobic microorganisms and somatic cells for raw milk, raw skimmed milk, raw cream for the production of milk products (the exceptions milk and ready-made milk, sour milk products, baby food, hard cheese and butter) are postponed for the Republic of Kazakhstan. The new implementation period is the first January 2025.

Therefore, the products must only be sold in the Republic of Kazakhstan. You must have appropriate additional identification. It is claimed that such products cannot be marked with EAC-mark.

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan must carry out the transition for dairies by the date of entry into force of the uniform standards of TR CU 033/2013.

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