Accreditation body in Russia checks the availability of test reports when issuing an EAC certificate

date and number in the test report are checked for conformity

Since July 3, 2020 the accreditation body in Russia compares number and date of test reports of the accredited certification body with the data in the FGIS system entered by the laboratory. Such data is registered in the register of EAC conformity proofs.

When issuing a certification of conformity the accredited certification body shall inform the accreditation body about the tests and measurements carried out. This shall contain the name of the accredited laboratory as well as the date and the number of the test report.

If the test laboratory has not entered the information about the test report or the date and the number of the report do not correspond, the registration of the EAC certificate is not possible.

The number and date of the test report have to be entered in the register of conformity proofs exactly as they were indicated in the FGIS system by the laboratory.

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