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The certification of products for the export to Russia is one of the most important mechanism to control products quality and their conformity with technical standards. The products should ensure consumer protection and safety.

The certification and permitting procedure for Russian market is an extensive process, which requires both special knowledge of Russian Law and experience in interaction with state authorities.

We provide you with all required certificates for your products quickly, reliably and for a reasonable price!

EAC certificate

EAC Certificate of Eurasian Economic Union

As a result of harmonization of state protection standards the state rules of technical regulation, Russian GOST, and also TR conformity certificates were terminated and replaced by new technical regulations of TR CU in every industrial sector.

EAC declaration

EAC Declaration of Eurasian Economic Union

The EAC Declaration serves as a confirmation that the products conform to minimum requirements of technical regalements of EAEU. This should guarantee that the production is safe and harmless for consumers and the environment.

GOST Certificate

GOST Certificate

For a long time the GOST certificate had been a necessary requirement for export to Russia. The GOST system was almost completely taken from the Soviet Union time. Until 2015 the GOST certification had been widely spread, and the confirmation of conformity was an obligation for plenty of products.

Metrological certificate

Metrological certificate

The metrological certification is a process of the state inspection of measurement equipment. The metrological certificate confirms that the certified measurement equipment conform to minimum requirements of technical regalements in Russia.

ATEX certificate for Russia, ATEX Certification

ATEX certificate for Russia

ATEX equipment is the instruments and machines for use in explosive areas, which construction allows to prohibit an explosion while usage. The EX certificate is an authorized confirmation, that the equipment conforms technical requirements for explosion-proof equipment in Russia and EAEU.

State registration, hygiene certificates in Russia

State registration

The certificate about the state registration affirm the conformity of production with sanitary rules of EAEU. The authorization has been obligatory since 01.07.2010, and is considered as a replacement for hygiene certificates in Russia.

EAC certificate for railway in Russia

EAC certificate for railway

The certification of rail vehicles and railway constructions is a process of the conformity assessment of products and services, which are inserted in rail traffic in Russia and EAEU.

Fire safety certificate in Russia

Fire safety certificate for Russia

For a variety of products customs authorities request the fire safety certificate on export to Russia. The fire safety certificate is an authorized confirmation that the products meet the Russian fire safety requirements.

Authorized representative in Russia

Authorized representative in Russia

The most of the products that are exported to Russia and EAEU are the subject to EAC certification and EAC marking. For this occasion you need an authorized person in Russia.

We base our work on German commercial traditions. Responsibility, competence and loyalty are not an idle talk for us, but a basic concept of our commercial philosophy. Our clients trust us, because we every day prove, that our services are a right choice for someone who appreciates one‘s time and money.

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  • fast processing of enquiries and assignments
  • good knowledge of the legal conditions
  • well-established cooperation with the notified bodies
  • postal delivery of certificates free of charge
  • perennial experience in the certification area
  • qualified team of experts and consulters
  • certification for all types of products
  • authorized representative in Russia

In Russia only the certification authorities are qualified for the GOST certification of products, TR-regelaments certification and certification according to instructions of EAEU. The certification results from the documents submitted by manufacturer or exporter.

We work solely with the certification authorities which are qualified by Rosstandart and organize all certification process directly in Russia. Due to our good contacts in Russia we can offer you considerably much more favorable prices compared to the most of our competitors!

  • detailed product description
  • engineering drawing
  • data specification
  • operating instructions
  • at hand certificates: ISO, DIN, CE, CB

Once you order GOST, TR CU or EAC certificates, you will become a copy of your certificate by e-mail. Only in a few days you will receive the original certificate and two certified copies of it by post.

We are responsible for success of our clients, and we foreground their interests during provision of services. Therefore we trust the delivery of your documentation only worldwide known parcel services in order to get maximum of efficiency and reliability.

Terms and charges of certification depend on different factors as such: type of production, laboratory investigation, complexity of investigation etc. The accurate requirements of certification will always be determined individually based on your documentation.

The application for certification can take several days or weeks. For more details about our prices and certification please click here.

Schmidt & Schmidt offers ideal solutions for Russian market. We provide you with all needed certification for fair price. Our services for engines and industrial equipment certification offer you a way to save your time and money.

Our company is one reliable and secure partner. We promise you individual approach, absolute transparency, high reliability and excellent quality of our services.

Due to our knowledge management and constant enlargement of competence we are one excellent team of highly qualified Russian speaking specialists. Moreover we have organized a good cooperation with certification offices that are verified by Rosstandart, and several other authorities. All this makes certification process quick and smooth.

Schmidt & Schmidt strives for international leadership on the market for distribution of innovative industrial goods in Russia and GUS countries.

Our experienced specialists advise you on all questions about certification process and find the best way to minimize costs and increase sales potential of your production on Russian market.

In our video, we explain what an EAC Certification is and how and where to certify or declare your products for the introduction on the EAEU market.

The EAC Certification and the EAC Declaration are complex procedures that attest your products the conformity with the technical regulations of the EAEU and require a lot of know-how. Schmidt & Schmidt will support you with the certification of your products for the EAEU market.

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