Brandschutzzertifikat in Russland

The conformity assessment of fire safety in Russia is the result of a mandatory process of state supervision of products. Thanks to this procedure the conformity with fire regulations can be proofed. After the conformity assessment a declaration, which certificates the compliance to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation is issued. The purpose of the expertise is to confirm the quality of the examined product and protect the rights, lives and safety of the citizens.

The fire safety conformity assessment can be issued in the following two forms:

Both the fire safety declaration and the fire safety certificate ensure the quality and safety of the manufactured products. Without any certification the export of products to Russia is impossible.

Legal framework

The basis for the fire safety certificate or rather the declaration is provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation:

The difference between a fire safety declaration and a fire safety certificate for Russia

A fire safety certificate is required for highly dangerous products. For the certification mandatory sample tests have to be conducted. During the laboratory test the commodities are examined for various criteria according to specified requirements. The degree of conformity with fire safety requirements as well as further characteristics are registered in the test report. Depending on the type of commodity different test methods shall be selected. An accredited certification body is responsible for the execution and the correctness of the results of the test procedures.

For the fire safety declaration the physical properties are specified by the manufacturer. An accredited certification body in Russia confirms these indications or refuses them. In this case the applicant himself is responsible for the correctness of the specifications and the supervision of the product safety. In addition, a declaration is not drawn up on any official form but it is printed in DIN A4 format and certified by an accredited third party body.

If the products are not listed in the above named regulation, a request for a negative certificate can be made or a voluntary conformity assessment can be carried out.

Required documentation for fire safety certification

For the application for a fire safety certificate or declaration, following documentations have to be presented to an accredited certification body:

  • Application for certification or declaration
  • Informations about the manufacturer and its address
  • Detailed product description and product specification
  • Technical documentation, such as instruction manual, technical passport, technical drawings ecc.
  • HS Codes
  • Available certificates: ISO, DIN, CE, CB

Depending on the type of commodity that has to be certified, additional documentations may be required.

Scheme of fire safety certificate and declaration

Scheme fire safety conformity assessment conformity proof production range scope of application
2c fire safety certificate product sample test by an accredited body and manufacturing audit serial production scheme is valid for the following products: portable fire extinguisher, fire bar, foam generator, foam mixing system, personal fire protection equipment, devices to save people in case of fire, additional fire fighting equipment, fire-extinguishing powder, fire extinguishing foam, automation systems, circuit breaker, construction material for emergency exits, construction material for rail and underground vehicles, flame retardants, fireproof constructions including the filling in firewalls, cable bushings, cable channel, channels and pipes in polymeric materials for cable laying, hermetic cable screw, system-related smoke protection equipment (except for channels for technical systems), lift doors, fire resistant and explosion-proof electrical operating material including electrical cables, elements of fire extinguisher systems
3c product sample test by an accredited body with additional inspection control (only valid for products which has been certified in Russia and whose certification is expired)
4c product sample test by an accredited certification body and manufacturing audit with additional inspection control
5c test of product sample and qm-system by an accredited body with additional inspection control
6c sample test of one-time supply by an accredited body one-time supply
7c examination of single product by an accredited body (valid only for the certification of single products) the scheme is applied, if it is not possible to test product samples
2d fire safety declaration product sample test by the manufacturer and the accredited body serial production fire extinguishing compositions, fire-fighting equipment and devices, materials which are not used for track refinement, textile and leather material (to sew curtains, beddings, padded furniture), carpets, specific protective clothing, smoke protection channels; excluded: fire extinguishing compositions one the basis of nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide with content of basic substances in the listed gases of more than 95%; fire extinguisher, fire barrel, foam generator, foam mixing systems
3d test of product sample and qm-system by the manufacturer or the accredited certification body
1d product sample test by the manufacturer substances and materials. Excluded: construction materials, surface material for trains and the underground, fire-extinguishing agents
5d product sample test by the manufacturer and sample test of one-time supply by an accredited body one-time supply

Time duration and costs of fire safety conformity assessment

Time duration and costs of the fire safety certification depend on many factors such as commodity type, complexity of tests needed ecc. The exact conditions of the fire safety declaration are always determined individually on the basis of the documents received. The application for the expertise can take a few weeks.

Authorized representative

Bevollmächtigter VertreterThe manufacturer, which is not established in one of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union, is not entitled to apply for any assessment of conformity of fire protection equipment with the specified technical regulations.

In order to get the conformity certificate, the foreign manufacturer must appoint an authorized representative in one of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. He represents the interests in the certifying bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union regarding the safety and quality of products and compliance with technical regulations.

In accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, only an entrepreneur residing in the territory of the Customs Union may be designated as an authorized representative.

Delivery of documents

You will receive a copy of fire safety certification by e-mail immediately after the procedure has been successfully completed. In just a few days, the original will be delivered to you by post.

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