State Hygienic Registration for Export to Russia

The certificate on the state hygienic registration confirms the conformity of the products with the sanitary-hygienic regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.
The state hygienic registration was introduced on July,1 2010.

Since then, the state hygienic registration has replaced national systems of hygienic certification. This has resulted in the introduction of a uniform procedure in the EAEU which confirms the safety of products for human health and compliance with sanitary-and-epidemiologic and hygienic requirements .

Application area

In accordance with the decision of the EACU № 299 of 28.05.2010 "On application of sanitary measures in the Customs Union" in the customs territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, uniform sanitary-and-epidemiologic and hygienic requirements have been introduced for goods which are subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision.

In Russia the issuing of certificates on the state hygienic registration and evaluation of the production data by the Federal Service for the supervision of consumer protection and consumer rights (Rospotrebnadzor) is carried out. The obligation to register is subject to all products listed in the The Single List of Goods, subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control) on the customs border and customs area of the Customs union as corresponding goods in accordance with the decision of the EACU № 299 of 28.05.2010. Without the certificate on the state hygienic registration of the goods, it is impossible to apply for an EAC Certificate or an EAC Declaration and thus to import the products into the customs territory.

The certification authorities accredited by Rosstandart or Rospotrebnadzor are responsible for issuing certificates of state registration. The registration procedure includes an analysis of the manufacturer's documentation as well as laboratory tests and, in some cases, an inspection of the production. All certificates of state hygienic registration are entered in a uniform register and kept there.

The certificate on the state hygienic registration of products is unlimited in the customs union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The certificate of the state hygienic registration can be applied for by the importer and by the manufacturer.

Area of application

Regarding the decision of the EACU № 299 of 28.05.2010 the following products are subject to registration:

  • drinks
  • cosmetics
  • products of body hygiene
  • household chemicals
  • paints, varnishes, putty, primers, etc.
  • clothing for children
  • products for children under 3 years
  • special food including baby food, food for pregnant women, dietary food, food for sportsmen
  • food from genetically modified organisms
  • food supplements
The complete list of products subject to registration is available here.

Required documents

The following documents are required to apply for the certificate on the state registration:

  • application for registration
  • SDS Safety Data Sheet
  • detailed product description, user manual
  • data sheet
  • copies of the labels with information for consumers
  • information about the manufacturer and his address
  • composition of products (in percentages)
  • existing certificates: ISO, DIN, CE, CB
  • product samples

Depending on the type of certified products, additional documents and certificates may be required.

All documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

After analyzing all documentation and test reports in a notified body, the results are evaluated.

If the product meets the requirements, a certificate on the state hygienic registration is handed over and the product is entered into the uniform register.

Delivery of the documentation

If you order a certificate, you will receive a copy of it via email immediately upon our successful certification process. Alongside the original document and two certified copies of it by post, within a few days’ time of this.

Your benefits

Our highest priority is not only to deliver an individually tailored service to every client, but also in offering an impeccable level of transparency to the high standard of our qualified service.

  • swift processing of inquiries and assignments
  • postal delivery of certificates free of charge
  • low costs due to our exceptional operating efficiency

Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with all of our clients and partners.

Please call us or send us an email. We will provide you with a free, non-binding quote and will be glad to answer all your questions about state hygienic registration. Convince yourself of the quality of our services!

In our video, we explain what an EAC Certification is and how and where to certify or declare your products for the introduction on the EAEU market.

The EAC Certification and the EAC Declaration are complex procedures that attest your products the conformity with the technical regulations of the EAEU and require a lot of know-how. Schmidt & Schmidt will support you with the certification of your products for the EAEU market.


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