Forbidding a shoe products turnover without labelling in Russia

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has prepared a bill with the provisions for labelling shoes with means of identification.

It introduces a new form of the state information system for monitoring the turnover of shoe products subject to this labelling.

The bill, if adopted, will determine:

  • labelling procedure
  • the procedure for providing participants with information about the turnover of shoe products
  • characteristics of the means of identification (structure and format of the marking, verification and identification codes)
  • rules for the interaction of manufacturers with information system

According to the document, during production (the manufacturer is responsible for labelling), during import (importer), during import (commissioner) and in the course of turnover (participant in turnover).

Among the important requirements for participants in the turnover of footwear products should be noted:

  • registration in the state information monitoring system (from July 1st till September 30th, 2019);
  • interaction of internal soft systems of producers with the state information system
  • making entries on the labelling of shoe products into the state information system

From October 1st of 2019 enterprises will have the opportunity to label products and enter information into the information system on a voluntary basis. From March 1st of 2020, labelling of products will be mandatory.

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