Gratis access to corporate information for mass media representatives

We offer gratis extracts form foreign trade registers, land registers and financial reports for representatives of mass media.

Our company adheres to high ethical standards and fully supports the healthy aspirations of the society to combat corruption, money laundering, theft and misuse of budget funds. We are convinced that the availability of information is the basis for success in combating these negative phenomena.

Therefore, we strive to help representatives of the media, as well as independent publicists and bloggers. We are ready to provide free extracts from foreign trade registers and real estate registers, as well as data from financial statements of organizations.

If you are a journalist or blogger and are interested in receiving information about a foreign company or property, write us a request. Please indicate in the application information about the company or property you are interested in as well as your connection with medial resources, provide information about attendance of your website or followers.

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