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Our company also offers qualitative technical and legal translations into Russian. Our translators live in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We work only with qualified translators from your mother language and in the specific field; all this allows the best assistance for your expansion on the Russian market.

Our translators handle the correct translation of legal and technical texts. Every translation will be reviewed by a corrector. So, we guarantee one accurate and exact translation of your documentation into Russian.

Technical translation

The export of technically innovative production into Russia needs an exact translation of relevant technical manuals and instructions for use.

Only the combination of excellent language knowledge with specific terms makes a translation of complicated technical texts possible.

When you want to have your technical manuals, instructions for use or any other technical documentation translated for the Russian market, we will gladly help you with it.

For the successful export into Russia, there is a need of GOST or EAC quality certificate. We will provide our clients with the best quality of our services by requesting of GOST or EAC certificate.

Legal translation

During the handling of foreign transactions, the perfect communication with foreign partners and businesses plays the prominent role. We translate contract of individuals, companies or state authorities for you in almost all fields.

The correction by a native speaker will complete our service.

Additional services

We offer copyeditor services and a proofreading by Russian native speaker who also possesses specific field knowledge.

The proofreading consists of stylistic, orthographic and grammatical correction and improvement of texts.

The copyeditor services include editing of style, understandability and content coherence.

For the choice of our correctors we use the same rules as for specialist translators. The correctors work naturally only in their mother language and possess the excellent knowledge in their special field.


Specialist translation English-Russian
Price: 0,99 per line

Proofreading Russia
Price: 0,30 per line

Copyeditor services
Price: 0,40 per line

* one line includes 55 characters incl. space characters
We reserve the right to increase the price for especially complicated texts.

All prices are in EURO net plus the statutory VAT.

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