The Eurasian Economic Union develops a unified data bank of dangerous products

The Eurasian Economic Union develops a unified data bank of dangerous products

The EAEU's member states and the Eurasian Economic Commission have prepared a convention on the harmonization of the legislature in the field of governmental control about the compliance of requirements of the Technical Regulations of the EAEU.

For the purpose of consumer protection, the project intends the development of a unified information data bank on dangerous products that are circulating on the single market.

The convention shall determine the key principles and the approach to the harmonization of the national legislatures of the EAEU's member states. Some of the most important principles are the assumption of the market participants' conscientiousness, the consumer protection and the information about dangerous products, the systemic nature of the testing and the risk assessment for the audit planning.

The development of a unified information system on dangerous products guarantees the operational interplay of the EAEU member states' controlling bodies and thereby minimizes the risks of distribution of the dangerous products within the EAEU.

The domestic vote and the signing of the convention are planned to take place until the end of 2016.

The list of goods that is subject to the EAEU's regulation resembles the EU's list of goods. Today, the product safety within the EAEU is being regulated by 35 technical regulations.

21 technical regulations of the EAEU are to be developed. Some of which, regarding fish, alcohol, mineral fertilizer and bottled water are to be passed until the end of 2017.

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