A new standard for the oil and gas industry

A new standard for the oil and gas industry

GOST R 59411-2021 “Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes for industrial use. Construction and Operating Rules” has been approved on behalf of Rosstandart. This standard has thus become the first document to promote the use of non-metallic pipes in the oil and gas industry.

The new document specifies requirements for planned, built and reconstructed glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes for commercial use. This ensures the reliability of their operation as well as the safety of the surrounding infrastructure and the population.

The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes completely eliminates the corrosion factor. Thus, the reliability of the pipelines will reach a new level and increase the profitability of the oil production. This applies in particular to oil reservoirs with high dilution or high corrosiveness of the media being pumped.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes have been used worldwide in the production of hydrocarbons for several decades. They are not only used to reinforce pipes, but also as riser or jacket pipes.

Their use in comparison with pipes made of alloyed steels or pipes with an anti-corrosion coating is economically justified due to the high speed and low cost of installation work and electrochemical corrosion protection. Such pipes are also environmentally friendly: the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when they are used is four to six times lower than that of steel pipes.

The GOST R 59411-2021 standard is part of standards that define the use and conformity assessment of polymer composites, structures and products made from polymers. In addition, it will ensure mass production and widespread introduction of polymer composites and products made from polymers in the construction industry and other priority sectors of the economy in the Russian Federation.

The new standard was developed by OOO Tatneft-Presscomposite together with AO VNIIST within the framework of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 023 "Oil and Gas Industry" and will come into force on June 1, 2021 with the right to early application.

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