Russia adopts “counter-sanctions” law

Today, on June 4, President Vladimir Putin signed the law that introduces the response to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the USA and other western countries.

Federal Law on counteraction to “unfriendly” actions of the United States of America and other foreign states was first approved by the State Duma on May 22, and since then has been widely discussed in the country.

The content of the law has seen a lot of change compared to its early draft. The approved version has fewer possible “counter-sanctions” measures and does not mention the precise list of spheres where the sanctions are going to be applied. At first, the Russian lawmakers had proposed a complete ban of certain products and services from the “unfriendly” countries, such as medicine and alcohol.

From now on, the Russian lawmakers can introduce sanctions against western states, their businesses and affiliated individuals. Western companies have lost the right to take part in public procurement and property privatization. Finally, the import of certain goods from the western states can be banned or limited, unless a product is imported for personal use.

The official document states that the aim of the “counter-sanctions” is to protect Russia and its citizens from “unfriendly” actions of the United States and other countries that had imposed the sanctions on Russia before.

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