Verification of EAC Certificates and EAC Declarations

Verification of EAC Certificates and EAC Declarations

Recently, we receive an increasing number of inquiries from German companies, to verify the authenticity of EAC certificates. Unfortunately we have to find that some dubious Russian companies are offering faked certificates. These certificates look very authentic. They are made on a form and have a stamp. These fake certificates are not being issued by an accredited certification body and not registered accordingly. You should pay attention to things such as the typographic number, micro text oder the holographic element.

The submission of a fake certificate can lead to significant trouble. Draconian penalties can be pronounced and the consignment will not be authorized by the customs athorities. Du to the delay, the distributor will have to cover all costs occuring for storage.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to work only with serious and certified partners in Russia.

We offer you to test for free the authenticity and validity of certificates issued in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Furthermore we test the validity of the state accreditation of the certification body.

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