14,000 GOST Standards to be abolished until 2025

GOST standards

Until 2025, the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology Rosstandart plans to finish with modernizing a large part of the current national standards. About 14,000 GOST Standards that have been introduced during Soviet times shall be abolished or replaced by new standards. Furthermore, at least 3,000 modern standards in the military industrial sector are to be developed.

Currently, more than 33,000 GOST standards apply in Russia, some of them outdated. The share of GOST standards developed during Soviet times has decreased from 75 to 43 percent during the recent five years, due to modernization.

Rosstandart claims that private enterprises should take more responsibility in the development of industrial standards. From 2020 on, a large part of new GOST standards shall be developed by corporations and public-private partnerships. Throughout the recent three years, the share of GOST standards developed by private enterprises increased from 7 to 15 percent, thanks to state subsidies.

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