EAEU passes Technical Regulation "On safety of chemicals"

EAEU passes Technical Regulation "On safety of chemicals"

On March 3, 2017, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission passed the technical regulation „On safety of chemicals“. The document determines unified requirments for chemical products manufactured within the EAEU as well as rules regarding conformity assessment, rules of identification, requirements for terminology and marking.

The technical regulation corresponds with the EU's REACH regulation.

The regulation intends the protection of the population's life and health as well as of the environments. It is supposed to prevent actions that are misleading consumers.

The regulation intends the introduction and maintenance of a register of chemical substances and mixtures that are used within the EAEU.

Depending on the type of danger and the physical-chemical characteristics of the chemical products, the latter are to be subdivided in 13 categories: explosives, pressurized gases, combustion gases, self-reactive substances, self-heatable substances, water-reactive substances etc.

Issues concerning the safety of lubricants, oils and special fluids, are regulated in the technical regulation TR CU 030/2012 On safety of lubricants, oils and special fluids.

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