Attention! In accordance with Appendix 1 to TR TU 032/2013, the category of equipment intended for operation with a design temperature higher than the temperature of the metal creep increases by 1 (except for the 4th category). Temperature in which creep deformation may occur:

  • 400 °C - for carbon and low alloyed silicon-manganese steels;
  • 450 °C - for low alloyed chromomolybdenum and chromomolybdenum-vanadium steels;
  • 525 °C - for alloyed high-chromium martensitic class and austenitic steels;
  • 575 °C - for alloys based on nickel-iron and nickel.

According to Article 7 of the Federal Law "On Industrial Safety", the equipment is subject to industrial safety expertise if no corresponding conformity assessment requirements have been specified for this equipment in technical regulations. The pressure equipment covered by this Law is listed in items 2 and 3 of the Federal Standards and Rules "Safety Rules for the Use of Pressure Equipment in manufacturing facilities with enhanced hazard ".

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