Artisan shoes and fragrance samples excluded from the list of goods liable to compulsory marking

Artisan Shoes and Fragrance Samples Excluded from the List of Goods Liable to Compulsory Marking

Government Decree No. 1973-p of July 28, 2020 excludes the following types of goods from the list of goods subject to mandatory marking in Russia:

  • footwear, which is identified by the legislation of the Russian Federation's constituent entities as a product of craftsmanship
  • fragrance testers, which are not intended for sale directly to the consumer, and perfume samples up to 3 ml, which are designed for sale.

Requirements for other types of footwear and perfumery remain unchanged.

Background: The system of marking codes was first introduced in Russia in 2016. Its complete implementation is scheduled for 2024. A unique code indicates the authenticity of the product and its compliance with the claimed quality. It allows the buyer to track & trace the entire path of the goods from the manufacturer or importer to the end consumer.

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