Strength calculation of pressure equipment is a mandatory verification, which is necessary for a conformity assessment procedure according to TR CU 032/2012 “On safety of pressure equipment”.

The strength calculation serves to assess the breakage safety of the equipment at the permissible voltages. The procedure is conducted by a computer program, which calculates the strength and stability of tanks, devices and their components in order to evaluate their load-bearing capacity under operating conditions as well as under test conditions. For calculating strength of separate plant elements, which all operate under the same pressure, the wall thickness and the permitted pressure shall be identified by using calibration calculation. The initial data used for the calculation includes the type, the geometrical characteristic and the material, of which the components consists, or rather the type, the position of the support elements and the load value. The results are summarized in the form of a complete report on the components of a plant, including all the intermediate results of the calculation.

In order to avoid errors, it shall be noted, that different load values are possible at the same time. The firm, which carries out the strength calculations is responsible for the correctness of the norms and methods applied. During the procedure a method for calculating the limit load has to be selected as a basis.

A strength calculation includes the following information:

  • Input data for the calculation
  • A photo of the pressure equipment
  • Operating conditions
  • Conditions of the calculation
  • Calculation results

Legal framework

The basis of the methods applied is provided by:

Scope of application

  • Pressure equipment
  • Pipelines
  • Heating boilers
  • Fittings
  • Equipment parts with safety function
  • Pressure-maintaining components
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Transport and processing objects for oil and gas
  • Electrical power plants
  • Common industrial and civil objects

Required documents

  • Drawing of a total view of the product, for which a calculation is required
  • Materials, from which the single components are produced, including specifications of the regulatory document
  • Operational description and the conditions for loading the structure
  • Type of loading (Pressure, temperature, lifetime, period of calculation, pipe stress, response spectrum due to earthquake effects ecc.)
  • Regulatory document, for which the calculation is carried out
Please send us a detailed description of your product and a technical drawing (or a 3D model) so that our experts can determine further possible calculation methods.

Time duration and costs of issuing the pressure vessel passport

Time duration and costs strength calculation depend on different factors, such as the type of commodity and the complexity of the tests required.
The exact conditions of issuing the passport are always determined individually on the basis of the documents received.
Please note that the application for a pressure vessel passport can take several days or weeks.

Delivery of documents

You will receive a copy of your strength calculation by e-mail immediately after the procedure has been successfully completed. In just a few days, the original will be delivered to you by post.

Your benefits

Our most important concern is the individual approach for each client as well as complete transparency and high quality of our services. We offer:

  • Fast processing of requests and orders
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  • Free delivery of EAC certifications

Our goal is the creation of mutually beneficial and long-term business relationships with our clients and partners.

Please call us or send us an email. We will provide you with a free, non-binding quote and will be glad to answer all your questions about strength calculation. Convince yourself of the quality of our services!

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