Individuelle Beratung EAC Zertifizierung

If you are planning a concrete project, that includes the export of products to Russia or to one of the member states of the EAEU, we would be happy to consult you both in advance and during the procedure. To offer you the best possible support, we tailor our consulting services to your individual requirements. Our specialists dispose of several years of experience in EAC marking, -certification and declaration and would be very happy to share this knowledge with you.

We have been collaborating for years with export oriented companies of various sizes and have supported them in conformity assessment procedures of their products. Therefore we dispose of broad competencies in this area and experiences in the following industry sectors: plant construction, mechanical engineering, metal construction, measurement engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology, medical engineering, food technology and furniture.

  • Project assessment: We check in advance, whether a conformity assessment has to be carried out, which guidelines are affected, how long the process will probably take and which steps and documents are necessary.
  • Technical regulations: We discuss with you in detail the particularities of the respective guidelines and prepare you for all eventualities.
  • Technical documentation: We support you with the preparation of the required technical documents. Of particular importance are the technical passport, die safety justification and the instruction manual. We would be happy to check your documentation for accuracy and completeness.
  • Risk assessment: The risk assessment is part of the safety justification and is conducted according to the ISO-norms. We will offer you as well to support you in its preparation.
  • Laboratory test: We are in contact with accredited test laboratories in Russia and therefore can assist you also during the examination of your products.

In addition we offer further services regarding the conformity assessment and can support you with procedures, such as the manufacturing audit or the communication with public bodies in Russia or the EAEU. Further information you can find here.

Do you want to make yourself or your colleagues experts in certification in Russia and the EAEU? We also offer informative seminars, pratice-oriented workshops and webinars held by our specialists.

Since 2011 the EAEU has adopted more than 45 technical regulations, which determine the process of importing products in one of the member states. The aim is to replace national standard, such as the GOST-R standards in Russia, with uniform regulations and to bring the technical regulations of the EAEU into conformity with European standards.
The products of our clients are particularly often affected by the following technical regulations:

The prices for our consulting services depend on different criteria, that include in particular th scope of the service, the complexity of the directives discussed, the number of consultants involved and the time exposure. Please send us a request and we will propose you an individual offer after evaluating the details.

Do you have any questions regarding our services? Please call us or send us an email and request for a non-binding consultation!

In our video, we explain what an EAC Certification is and how and where to certify or declare your products for the introduction on the EAEU market.

The EAC Certification and the EAC Declaration are complex procedures that attest your products the conformity with the technical regulations of the EAEU and require a lot of know-how. Schmidt & Schmidt will support you with the certification of your products for the EAEU market.

The EAC certificate of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an official document, that proofs the conformity of the products with the harmonized technical regulations of the member states of the EAEU. The products, whose conformity with the technical regulations could be confirmed by the certificate of the EAEU, may be moved and sold in the whole customs area of the member states of the EAEU.

The EAC Declaration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an official document that proofs, that the products meet the minimum requirements of the technical regulations of the EAEU. An EAC declaration is issued by the manufacturer, importer or an authorized representative and listed in the official register. Those products, whose conformity with the technical regulations are confirmed by the declaration, have the permission to be freely moved and sold in the whole customs territory of the member states of the EAEU.

The EAC certificate can only be issued after a quality assessment, which has to be carried out by a certification body accredited in one of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The certification is conducted on the basis of technical documentations, company-internal created test reports, or rather test reports provided by accredited test laboratories, as well as on basis of a manufacturing audit on site. The certificate is printed on an official pre-printed form, which has several forgery-proof elements and is authenticated by the signature and seal of an accredited body. The EAC certificate is usually issued for “complex” products that require an extensive control by the authorities.

With the EAC Declaration the manufacturer, importer or authorized representative declares the conformity of his products with the minimum requirements of the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). As distinguished from the EAC certificate, the EAC declaration is issued by the manufacturer or importer himself. All necessary tests and analysis are or made by the manufacturer or in some cases by the laboratory. The applicant issues the EAC declaration himself on a usual piece of paper. The EAC declaration has to be listed in the uniform register of the EAEU by an accredited certification body of one of the member states of the EAEU.

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