Extract from the land register of Jersey

Our company Schmidt & Schmidt provides extracts from the land register of Jersey with translation and Apostille.

Data on real estate in Jersey are a unified system consisting of records of a judicial gref official, on the basis of which the Public register was created, which is under the jurisdiction of the Public Register Section.
Legislation on property on the territory of Jersey is much different from the British one and dates back to Norman traditions.

The history of land registers of Jersey dates back to XVI century when the first unified procedures for land registration were introduced for the purpose of recording rights to it, and taxation. For a long time they were maintained in French. Use of English became obligatory only in 2006.

The land register of Jersey contains basic information about:

  • rights to real estate
  • basic characteristics of real estate
  • location
  • address

In order to get access to the land register, one must personally apply to the court or the Public Register Section and prove your legal interest. Gref records store information about all rights, easements, transactions, encumbrances and restrictions imposed on real estate and on their history.

Available documents:

  • extracts
  • copies of documents
  • historical information about real estate

Search criteria:

  • full address
  • title number

Extracts from the land register of Jersey may be used for:

  • confirmation of title to real estate
  • receipt of information about the real estate
  • debt collection
  • analysis of prices for real estate
  • other commercial and analytical purposes

* some data may be unavailable for certain items, or may be provided for a fee.

Information about time and possibility for receiving specific information shall be specified individually.

Extracts from the land register are provided subject to the laws of Jersey and to the Law on personal data protection.

Moreover, you can order certified translation of your documents into any foreign language.

The requests shall be processed within one business day. Courier delivery of the apostilled extract shall be paid additionally according to the courier tariff rates.

Service Price incl. German VAT 19% Price excl. VAT
Price for an electronic Extract from the land register of Jersey from 50,00 from 59,00
Price for the translation of an electronic Extract from 35,00 from 41,65
Price for an Extract from the land register of Jersey with apostille from 300,00 from 357,00

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