Personal documents

Personal documents

  • Marriage, birth and death certificates, certificates of no impediment to marriage, single status certificates
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Police or FBI Certificates of Lack of a Criminal Record
  • Adoption certificates
  • Divorce decrees and other court documents
  • Powers of attorney, certificates of inheritance and all documents issued or certified by a notary public
Educational documents

Educational documents

  • High school diplomas
  • University Degree Certificates
  • Transcripts of records
  • Additional certificates from schools or universities
Commercial Documents

Commercial Documents

  • Extracts from the commercial register
  • Real estate extracts
  • Bills
  • Bank statements
  • Securities Purchase Agreements
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • ISO and Free Sales Certificates
Medical Documents

Medical Documents

  • Certificates of good standing
  • Medical Opinions
  • Notifications of illness
  • Other medical documents
Send us your request online

1. Send us your request online

Send us a request with a copy of your documents by email or via a special form on the website. We will examine your documents and let you know whether legalization is possible, as well as information on the costs and conditions of the procedure. We will need some time to complete the initial review. We will contact you as soon as we have all the necessary information.

2. Send us the documents and make the payment

2. Send us the documents and make the payment

It is not necessary to make an appointment or visit our office. Simply send us your documents by courier service and pay the amount due online. If necessary, we are always ready to answer further questions by e-mail or telephone.

3. Wait

3. Wait

The legalization of documents will take some time. Our experts work quickly and efficiently because they know their stuff well. As soon as the documents are ready, we will inform you.

Receive your documents

4. Receive your documents

As soon as the documents are legalized, we will send them to you by courier service worldwide. Our company also offers you translation services.