европейский бизнес реестр

Schmidt & Schmidt provides extracts from the European Business Register (EBR) with a translation.

The European Business Register was created in 1992. It is a public information source of the European Union that unites 28 countries, 20 of which are the European Union member states. Information about companies is gathered by corresponding institutions of the EBR members, using different methodology and legislative basis. As a rule, there is considerably less information in the EBR than in the national registers. However, extracts from the European Business Register allows to get information about more than 20 million companies located all over Europe.

EBR is administered online, and extracts from it are available in PDF format.

Countries presented in EBR:

 Extracts from Austria (EBR)<br />
Austria  Extracts from Belgium (EBR)<br />
Belgium  Extracts from Czech Republic (EBR)<br />
Czech Republic  Extracts from Denmark (EBR)<br />
 Extracts from Estonia (EBR)<br />
Estonia  Extracts from Finland (EBR)<br />
Finland  Extracts from France (EBR)<br />
France  Extracts from F.Y.R. Macedonia (EBR)<br />
F.Y.R. Macedonia
 Extracts from Gibraltar (EBR)<br />
Gibraltar  Extracts from Guernsey (EBR)<br />
Guernsey  Extracts from Germany (EBR)<br />
Germany  Extracts from Greece (EBR)<br />
 Extracts from Ireland (EBR)<br />
Ireland  Extracts from Italy (EBR)<br />
Italy  Extracts from Jersey (EBR)<br />
Jersey  Extracts from Latvia (EBR)<br />
 Extracts from Lithuania (EBR)<br />
Lithuania  Extracts from Luxembourg (EBR)<br />
Luxembourg  Extracts from Malta (EBR)<br />
Malta  Extracts from the Netherlands (EBR)<br />
 Extracts from Norway (EBR)<br />
Norway  Extracts from Serbia (EBR)<br />
Serbia  Extracts from Slovakia (EBR)<br />
Slovakia  Extracts from Slovenia (EBR)<br />
 Extracts from Spain (EBR)<br />
Spain  Extracts from Sweden (EBR)<br />
Sweden  Extracts from Ukraine (EBR)<br />
Ukraine  Extracts from the United kingdom (EBR)<br />
United Kingdom

Extract from the EBR can be used in order to:

  • Obtain detailed information about potential business partners
  • Negotiate foreign trade agreements

Extract contains the following information:

  • Name of a company
  • Type of business
  • Legal address
  • Phone number
  • Registration number
  • Date of registration
  • Branches and subsidiaries
  • Main activities
  • Founders and CEO
  • Registered capital
  • Date of latest amendments
  • Form of incorporation
  • дата внесения последних изменений
  • NB: Information about some companies may be unavailable.

    Sample of an extract from the EBR in English

    To get a required document, you will need a company's name and country of registration.

    Main types of businesses in the European Union

    Apart from the national types of businesses, some companies can be registered according to the united corporate law of the European Union. These types of businesses are present in all EU member states.

    Legal entities:
    Societas Europaea (SE) – European Company, a type of joint-stock company
    European Cooperative Society (SCE) – type of a cooperative, aimed at facilitating cooperatives’ cross-border and trans-national activities

    European economic interest grouping (EEIG) – unlimited liability partnership

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