Import license for ozone depleting substances

The import license for ozone depleting substances is an official authorization for both the import and the use of products and equipment which may potentially cause the degradation of the ozone layer of the Earth. The corresponding license is required for Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union - EAEU (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan).

From January 1, 2010 a uniform list of ozone depleting substances and a uniform authorization procedure have been applied in the customs territory of the Russian Federation and the rest of the Eurasian Economic Union. An import authorization issued by any country of the Economic Union is now effective within the whole EAEU.

The list of products for which the import license for ozone depleting substances is compulsory.

The list of ozone depleting substances has been adopted by the decision of the College of the Economic Commission of Customs No. 134 of August 16, 2012. The following product groups are included:

  • car air conditioners
  • refrigerators
  • air conditioners, split air conditioners, air dryers
  • freezers, ice machines and cooling equipment
  • water cooler, heat pumps
  • ice maker
  • spray bottles (except for spray bottles for medical purposes)
  • portable fire extinguishers, etc.

Legal framework

The need for licensing for the Import and Export of ozone depleting substances is due to the fulfillment of international agreements recognized by Russia and the countries of EAEU, in particular the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

Required documents

In order to apply for the import permit for ozone depleting substances, the following documentation should be submitted to a certification body:

  • information about the manufacturer
  • HS-Code
  • goods samples for tests
  • a copy of a supply contract or a commercial invoice
  • manufacturer's declaration of the applying ozone depleting substances
  • detailed description of the product
  • an expert report on the properties of hazardous ozone depleting substances
  • EAC certificate or EAC declaration
  • instruction manual
  • SDS - Safety Data Sheet
  • a prescribed itinerary

Licensing procedure

The license for the import of ozone depleting substances is requested in Russia at the Federal Service for Inspection in the Field of Nature Use - Rosprirodnadzor.

A certificate, which is obligatory for the granting of the import license by the Rosprirodnadzor, is the expert report on the properties of the ozone-depleting substances used in equipment. Only a notified body can give such report. The granting of an expert report is based on the product samples provided for the tests.

Customs authorizations are accepted for the customs clearance of products containing ozone-depleting substances, only after the above procedure.

Import of ozone depleting substances into Russia is permitted only at certain border crossing points.

The import license is issued for a period from 6 months to one year. It applies exclusively to a contract and may only be applied for in the name of the importer - a company established in Russia or the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Depending on the purpose, the application for an import license may take place in two different ways:

  • import authorization for ozone depleting substances
  • permission to use equipment containing ozone depleting substances

In the first case, an appropriate license is required by the customs authorities of Russia or one of the countries of the Economic Union for the crossing of goods.

With the permission to use equipment containing ozone depleting substances, such equipment may be used in production facilities in the Russian Federation and other countries of the Customs Union.

Terms and costs of applying for an import license

The duration and cost of the application for an import license will depend on various factors, e.g. : the nature of the goods, the need for laboratory testing, the complexity of the investigations, etc. The precise conditions of the approval procedures are always determined on the basis of the documents.

The application for an import license may take several days or weeks.

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Delivery of the documentation

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